We are an inclusive culture whose mission is to design and produce pieces that inspire the world and people who live in it.

Fashion show, catwalk event empty stage. Fashion show and performance concept. Mock up. 3D Rendering
Two Brothers. ONE story.

The Pursuit

The House of Benjamin Marcus is an Italian exclusive fashion house founded by designers Adriano Benjamin Brescacin and Christopher Marcus Brescacin who take pride in alta moda. The idea of this house was first conceived in 2018, at the Library Bar in the Royal York Hotel. Along with trips to Milano and Paris seeing first hand what European fashion is like compared to North American fashion, we wanted to introduce this luxurious side to Canada where very few brands like this exist.

The Journey Ahead

Create or Die

Founded in 2021, today Benjamin Marcus markets a range of women’s and men’s ready to wear products, and jewellery. The products made by Benjamin Marcus are made with exclusivity, allowing clothing and jewelry pieces to be in limited production and not mass produced like many other brands. For many years we have wanted to build a house that is both exclusive and offers premier quality. We work to ensure that for every product that we sell it is created with top tier fabrics that are hand spun and hand sewn along with modern appeal as well as vintage motif.